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2016-08-23 by manage
Samlongda New TPU layflat hose made from  "extrusion through the weave" production method .
TPU layflat hose gives a very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester.


For transfer of chemicals, oil & fuel, abrasive substances, potable water, or transfer over highly abrasive ground. Used for applications
requiringa heavier high pressure hose or more chemical & abrasion resistant hose.


1) best material: Ether based PU with water resistance.

2) Highest abrasion resistance. 4-5 times abrasion than PVC layflat hose

3) acid&alkali resistant, aging resistant, stretching resistant, anti-wrinkle, non-toxic.
2014-02-27 by admin
The Samlongda high pressure LAYFLAT HOSE

From 2009 samlongda developed new type layflat hose with one-step extrusion technology to nowdays, it passed almost 5 years.

Firstly, samlongda engineer Mr. Tim Zang and our diretor Mr. Zeng combine China extrusion machine with wrap structure which is highly similar technology to Korea Ponaflex and Sunflow America. We become the first factory in China who control the new model layflat hose with abroad. At the same year, we export this new hose to South asia farm market. And the new layflat get very warm welcomed by farm. Becuase it reduce the weight at least 10% (small sizes)-30% (big sizes) than tranditional layflat.   Meanwhile, the working pressure is from 4bar. (PS: at tranditional layflat, heavy duty is 4bar).
It mean the farmer pay cost of economic duty and buy the pressure of heavy duty hose.

Samlongda team don't stop the step on developement.  One Spring of 2011, we increase the extrusion machine into 10 lines.  And working pressure of layflat is up to 6-9bar(87psi-130psi).

Time fly fast !  At 2013, we sucess into working pressure 10.5bar heavy duty layflat hose for sizes:3/4" to 3".
Many mining pump system take our layflat from that time.

In the near future of 2014-2015, samlongda layflat team is going to develope higher pressure for big sizes, specially 6inch to 12 inch.

2013-11-20 by admin
To all value customers:

It is near the end of 2013, and hopeful 2014 is coming soon. 

@China, there amazing Lunar New Year Holiday maybe from January 23th to February 10th,2014.

But normally, many worker come home or  quit the job  from January 10th,2014.

Thanks to the quited worker, after holiday, factory could not open all production lines. This situation maybe prolong to February 20th, 2014.

Hence, it is about one and a half month, the factory could be normal working.

Thus , please check your stock hose or tubing quantities.  Avoiding this period of holiday.
2013-11-11 by admin

There are two models of tubing at pneumatic automation system. They are PU tubing and Nylon tubing. But how to know what tubing do your system request ?

Here we give some suggestion about them:

1.    Working pressure: Checking your air compressed system, See what is the Max working pressure? Normally, for small fluid system of air, the compressor is around 8bar to 15bar pressure. Then you could choose PU tubing.  By contract, max pressure is higher 15bar. It is better that you choose nylon tubing for your pneumatic system. Because the nylon tubing could withstand high working pressure to 50bar.

2.    Fitting types: if the fitting is pneumatic fitting, push in fitting, or branch fitting you are going to assemble, you could choose PU tubing.

3.    Of cause, maybe nylon tubing could be assemble with pneumatic fittings. Nylon tubing is not good flexibility than PU. PU is more suitable for applications when a tighter bend radius is needed.

4.    Abrasion: Both polyurethane and nylon tubing have excellent resistance to abrasion from fuels, oils and abrasion; however, nylon offers better heat and chemical resistance as well as higher working pressure. Nylon has superior crack resistance and is thus an industrial standard for applications requiring greater resistance to chemicals, heat and working pressure.

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