Garden hose, hose reel, coil garden hose - Garden reel
garden hose reel.

Garden reel

High quality PP Plastic bobbin.

1.For process and recycle usage.
2.Superfine wire bobbin.
3.Packing and delivery bobbin.

supply high quality garden hose reel,

Metal and plastic contruction reel:
1.Corrugated reel for process.

2.Punching type steel reel.
3.Double layer high speed steel reel.
4.Flat-plate type steel reel for high speed machine.
5.Enhanced welding-type steel reel.
6.Aluminum reel.

Hose reel, Garden hose reel carts, available hose length: 15meters, 20meters, 25meters, 30meters.

1. Irrigation in lawn and garden.
2. Being widely used for car spray washing, floor cleaning, and other daily life uses;
3.Be perfect to used with hose reel and accessories.

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