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Pneumatic Polyurethane tubing

PU Tubes

*100% brand new material ! 我们的PU 管100%正牌全 新TPU原料制造。

*High flexible and shinny colour for pneumatic system.

*Quick delivery time !

PU tubing or Polyurethane tubing are also called Pneumatic tubing.

PU 管或者聚氨脂软管,同时也称为:气动软管。

Samlongda PU tube have following feature:


1. Flexibility of Polyurethane tubing is still good under very low temperature,good elasticity.

2.Pretty high intensity abrasion resistant  and long service life,Small bending radius. 

3.Light weight ,high grade of transparency ,anti-corrosion on partly chemical material, New products have hydrolysis resistant.

4.The working temperature -20 to +70 .

5.Inner Wall of PU tubing  is very smooth for transport. 

6.Hardness 95±2A,98±2A

7.PU is environmental material, our PU tubes reach SGS standards!

8. Widely used in Pneumatic automation system, Air tools.

9. Pneumatic fittings, NPT /BSPT fittings, Swivel coupler, Miltom type quick coupler are all available.

 Size: OD4mm*ID2.5mm, OD6mm*ID4mm, OD8mm*ID5mm, OD10mm*ID6.5mm, OD12mm*ID8mm, OD14mm*ID10mm, OD16mm*ID12mm


Polyurethane tube for pneumatic automation

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