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metal fittings
1) Material of Fitting body:  brass;

2) Release rings:  round;

3) LOGO on ring: No LOGO;

4) Working Temperature: 0-80C

5) Working pressure: Max 20Bar

6) Fitting types available: Straight fitting, elbow connector, tee branch, bulkhead fitting, y type etc.

7) The fittings can work well even if you test fittings under 40bar within 5-10mins.

8) we test the fitting one by one before we send to customer.

9)  Before installing, cut your Polyurethane tubing in smooth end.

To replace plastic push in fittings in various pneumatic robot and air system.

1. One Touch joints used in pneumatic piping, such as PU hose and PU spiral hose.
2. Used for a wide variety of models to meet all demands.

3. Easy to connect/disconnect tube by one touch.

4. PC Type is useful for piping in confined space, given its six-angle wrench processing inside.

5. Flexible for directional tube with its revolving construction of body (PL & PT Type)

6. Pneumatic Fitting is equipped with O-ring or Teflon coating on the thread.
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